Electrical Engineering:

Get the most effective electrical failure analysis and litigation support possible with the help of our electrical engineering team. Headed by John A. Palmer, Ph.D., P.E., C.F.E.I., our electrical engineering team has an extensive background in electrical forensics, electrical power systems, electrical safety, and experimental research. Trust our expertise in electrical failure and incident analysis for troubleshooting and litigation support for cases involving:

  • Electrical equipment failures
  • Power line contacts
  • Arc flash incidents
  • Electrocutions
  • Electrical fires
  • Power system failures
  • Industrial power or control system malfunctions
  • Electrical safety system failures
  • Static Electricity

We invite you to browse some examples of projects that we have completed on our Case Studies page.

Civil and Structural Engineering:

We have the experience and dedication to carry out everything from loss evaluations to litigation support to design of remedial measures. Our civil and structural engineering team is headed by Mr. J.R. Koehler, who brings an extensive background in civil and structural forensic engineering, including experience in structural design, repair design, and experimental research. We are able to provide litigation support, consultations for the improvement of an industrial facility, and evaluations for any types of loss related to buildings, mines, or other structures. Contact us for help with any of the following:

  • Roof collapses
  • Hail damage
  • Foundation movement
  • Window leakage
  • Water intrusion
  • Plumbing system and component failures
  • Parking and roadway surface failures

Additionally, we are able to offer a wide variety of non-forensic civil and structural engineering support:

  • Structural system modification and repair design (residential, commercial, or industrial)
  • Contract review and administration
  • Foundation and structural design
  • Project management

We invite you to browse some examples of projects that we have completed on our Case Studies page.

Engineering Consulting:

Get the expert consulting services you need before or during any engineering project. We can work directly with your teams while providing an outside, independent perspective. We are able to assist with projects of any scale. Thanks to our multidisciplinary background, you can depend on us for a wide range of engineering projects:

  • Design review
  • Safety analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process evaluation and improvement
  • Repair design
  • Design of experiments
  • Product evaluation and proof of concept testing
  • Field Engineering and Project Engineering support
  • Owner’s Representative for Construction Projects
Design & Analysis:

We also apply our extensive electrical engineering expertise toward design and analysis where no failure has occurred, such as in the following instances:

  • Power system protection and relay coordination (utility, industrial or commercial)
  • Industrial power system evaluation and energy audits
  • Electrical equipment safety evaluation
  • Electrical product evaluation and testing
  • Design of experiments for product testing
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Electrical safety evaluation
  • Design review
  • Electrical system modification and repair design

We invite you to browse some examples of projects that we have completed on our Case Studies page.

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