Jon M. Wickizer, B.S., M.T., C.S.S.M.

Director, Safety and Training
Emphasis: Safety and Training

Mr. Jon Wickizer has extensive experience in the cause/origin analysis of work place accidents and incidents involving both injury and physical asset damage. Throughout his career spanning over two decades, Mr. Wickizer has energetically pursued efforts to improve the safety of workers in a wide range of settings. Mr. Wickizer’s extensive experience in the development and application of employee safety programs includes project level, regional level and company level efforts involving multiple nation-wide contracting organizations. He has also been integrally involved with the investigation of a wide array of work-place incidents including the evaluation of applicable workplace procedures, as well as follow-up analyses to improve safety programs and adherence to those programs. As a certified OSHA trainer and MSHA Master Trainer, he has taught hundreds of workers the principles and rules that protect them in their daily jobsite activities. His 20 years of in-field active involvement with establishing risk management processes, training, investigation, corrective measure and continual improvement initiatives have established in him a unique perspective to reduce the losses and injuries associated with workplace accidents. When things do go wrong, his depth and breadth of experience are excellent resources for performing the root cause analysis, including contributing factors such as human behavioral factors, process and procedural management factors, physical factors, etc. Mr. Wickizer also is actively involved in the development of systems to improve and quantify workplace safety leading indicators, including the development of communication and accountability software for use in safety programs.

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