Palmer Engineering and Forensics, LLC

has been providing high quality failure analysis and engineering investigations to the legal and insurance industries as well as commercial, industrial, and municipal clients throughout the United States and internationally since 2009. In our extensive history of helping our clients understand the root causes of failure and recover from losses, we have collected an extensive series of case studies. We encourage you to read through a few of our example case studies to learn more about our multidisciplinary engineering and forensics firm.

Electrical Case Studies

Electricity is a truly remarkable and ubiquitous source of energy that we encounter in nearly every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, if that energy is not properly controlled—such as in the cases of equipment malfunction, failure to comply with codes, inadequate compliance with safety procedures, or other issues—the energy can damage people and property. Here are just a few examples of cases where an electrical failure had serious negative consequences. Note that many of our Fire Case Studies also involve electrical failures.

Fire Case Studies

When too much energy is put in the wrong place, bad things can happen. Here are a few circumstances where fires or explosions occurred as a result of a fuel supply and a heat source being too close together. Heat sources can be unintentional, such as an electrical failure, or intentional, such as a pilot light. There are also several examples of fire case studies involving electricity in our Electrical Case Studies section.


Civil and Structural Case Studies

The complex infrastructure in buildings, including foundations, roofs, and plumbing, is not intended to move significantly. When they do move or fail, the consequences can be dire. Here are examples of civil and structural failures and what can be done about them.


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