Safety Consulting:

Through decades of experience in the investigation of accidents and failures, we have repeatedly observed the critical importance of the effective implementation and compliance with appropriate safety procedures and protocols. Led by our Director of Safety and Training, Jon M. Wickizer, our safety team is prepared to provide support for your safety program. We can assist you in evaluating the current state of your safety program, including assessing the culture of safety within your organization and the compliance of your documentation with relevant safety regulations. Our team is eager to assist you in evaluating the leading indicators of workplace safety issues and aid you in developing policies, procedures, and practices that will change how your organizational mindset considers safety and safe practices.

Our safety consulting includes:

  • Safety regulation compliance audits
  • Workplace safety observations and cultural assessment
  • Evaluation of Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP)
  • Improvement of company safety manuals and tracking programs
  • Safety leadership training
  • On-site safety administration
  • Incident evaluation and post-incident safety program review
Safety Training:

An integral part of any safety program is ensuring that all workers and supervisors have effective training. Our lead Safety Instructor, Ron W. Lindsay has developed course materials that will take your safety training up to the next level.  With our considerable experience in the fields of education, safety, failure analysis, and field work, we are able to provide an unsurpassed training experience that will truly impact the safety perspective of all participating team members. Please see our Education page for more details about safety training that we provide.

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