Michael A. Rein, B.Sc., P.E., C.F.E.I.

Senior Engineer
Emphasis: Electrical Engineering

Michael Rein has worked on a variety of electrical engineering projects, focusing on large industrial and utility organizations. He has worked on every aspect of these engineering projects, including design and review of electrical transmission, distribution, circuit and control equipment, installation and fabrication of various electrical components, maintaining electrical safety in the workplace, and the preventative maintenance of electric equipment in continuous process environments.

In order to provide the most accurate design services possible, Mr. Rein uses computer drafting software to provide real-time and future planning services for small and large scale electrical networks including protection and coordination, load flow, voltage, short circuits, and arc flash analyses.

Throughout his career, Mr. Rein has worked in all aspects of electrical engineering projects. His experience includes the following:

  • Design and plan reviews
  • Supervision of electrical transformer installations
  • Switchgear, bus work, motors, protective relay, and motor control centers
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Development and review of planned maintenance schedules
  • Operational and safety-related power switching procedures and specifications
  • Experience with FERC orders 890 and 1000
  • Experience with NERC regulatory compliance standards
  • Performed studies of the interconnection of large and small scale generation facilities, transmission facilities, and load facilities to a large scale transmission network

Mr. Rein has extensive experience in safety programs based on NFPA 70E, NEC, and OSHA 1910 in order to ensure electrical safety is followed in the workplace. He has received specialized training for failure analyses related to fires, explosions, and electrical appliances. Additionally, he has experience with electrical equipment design and maintenance. He has unparalleled knowledge of the use of electrical equipment in hazardous environments. This experience with workplace safety allows him to easily identify and investigate the causes and origins of electrical incidents.

His experience extends to both destructive and non-destructive testing, the simulation of failure modes and scenarios, and residential construction defect failures.

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