Ronald W. Lindsay, BSc., CSSM

Safety Consultant, Master Trainer
Emphasis: Safety and Training, NCCER Assessment

Mr. Lindsay has extensive experience in the construction industry as a supervisor, manager, estimator, and safety professional. Mr. Lindsay has demonstrated that not only does he understand how to help develop and set up a safe project he can help to keep it on budget and schedule through safety initiatives. A safe project is leaner, more profitable, adheres to the needed schedule and an enjoyable project to work on. Over the last decade, Mr. Lindsay has taught thousands of workers MSHA and OSHA safety classes as well as craft skills utilizing the NCCER curriculum. He is driven by a passion to help the craft worker obtain more skills and certifications to improve his or her standing and increase earning potential. Companies that have partnered with Mr. Lindsay find that their workforce is more loyal due to the increase opportunity of learning and developing make their projects safer and more profitable due to an engaged workforce. Mr. Lindsay is one of the most engaging trainers in the industry and strives to provide participants in his classes with a superior learning experience.

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