Thank you for your excellent work on this case.

--Colorado Springs, CO

Foremost, we believe that Dr. Palmer approached this matter with rare objectivity. Had there been an insufficient basis to support a product liability claim, we are confident, through our discussions with him, that his conclusions would have reflected that. This integrity is of paramount concern to our firm when the decision is being made to continue developing cases such as this one, involving investment of substantial time and money. I am certain that Dr. Palmer's analysis and explanation of the technical elements of this case were not only essential to the development of our case in a legal sense, but were also instrumental in the Defendant's eventual decision that this case was one with merit sufficient to warrant the settlement.

--Tulsa, OK

The work you did as an expert for us in the case was exemplary. We were impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. You took the time to conduct a thorough site inspection, to research extensively the literature and other manufacturer's warnings regarding the failed [component] at issue, to prepare yourself for your deposition, and to track down and test an exemplar [device] from the same era as the subject device. Thanks to your efforts and the issues you raised in your report and deposition testimony were instrumental in allowing us to settle this case to the satisfaction of our client without enduring the emotional trauma of a trial.

--Las Vegas, NV

JR is very conscientious and tends to business affairs in an orderly fashion. His construction experience and expertise was evident during the project construction phase. He was diligent in supervising and inspecting the construction work in progress. Many times he noticed problems with the contractors trying to take shortcuts, and held them accountable for performing the construction to the agreed specifications. He found creative solutions to problems, and I know the quality of the project would have suffered had he not been present at the site.

-- Greg Mooney, Denver, CO

I thought John Palmer was incredible. He will be my first choice for EE in the future!

--Englewood, CO

First of all, I think the stairs look great.  Thanks to … J.R.  I can’t wait until we can afford to replace the other ones as well.

----John Gstalder, President, Willams Street Lofts Homeowners Association, Denver, Colorado, in reference to the rehabilitation of a 50-year-old, 5-story-tall, steel stair assembly at the Williams Street Lofts.

J.R. was instrumental in the successful completion of the design, contract development, contract administration, and construction oversight for our new ore processing mill, mine-site offices, dewatering barn, and thickener tank.  I hope we get to work together again soon.

----Ed McGoldrick, General Manager, Sutter Gold Mining Company, Sutter Creek, California, in reference to the structural design and construction of four new surface structures to service the Lincoln Mine underground gold mine. 

Hi J.R.  Many thanks for your excellent presentation regarding the roadway and drainage study at Sunset Ridge.  It was well organized and professionally presented.

----Bill Bedesem, Retired engineer and President, Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association, Kittredge, Colorado, in reference to a Community-wide evaluation of the development’s privately-owned roadway system and related drainage elements.

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